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I borrowed twenty bucks from you;
Last week I bought you gas.
But I'm not keeping tallies of
Transactions from the past.

It's not that I want you to be
In debt for what I gave,
Or that I think your own largesse
Makes me your bonded slave.

The flow of wealth from hand to hand
Is not a zero sum;
The river irrigates the fields
Fidelity grows from.

I bare my throat before your jaws
As you bare yours to me,
And every time we do not strike
The trust is plain to see.

It is not greed or pity
That moves me to take or lend,
It's just my way of saying
I will always be your friend.

A Drabble

Mar. 26th, 2009 12:17 pm
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[ profile] heatermcca's post this morning put me in the mood to write a little story. It wasn't enough of an idea to spin out very far, so I decided to try it as a drabble (a story exactly 100 words long).

A Drabble )
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A story I felt compelled to write today. Behind a cut for your convenience.

Story: The Explorer )
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The van is being sold off to the mechanic, and last night we rushed up to a dealership on the other side of Atlanta to get a shiny new orange Fit. Glad that's taken care of (except for locating or replacing the AWOL van title, grr).

I got a rejection on "A Good Night's Work" (thanks to [ profile] sirjcva for the title) this morning. It included some useful commentary, which makes me happy. They said that it seemed like part of a larger work, so maybe I should get off my butt and write "The Furhter Adventures of...". I still have to do a little more thinking on how the Manhunters' Guild fits into my evolving world, but I think I can manage it. I also need more characters...
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I've been doing a little world building lately, and I needed to see how it actually worked in narrative form.

Loria )
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After the discussions about the moral issues surrounding artificial intelligence over on the Drabblecast boards, I decided to cook up this little story. It's pretty rough, but I can live with it.

Purpose Built )
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My story "Time Shift" is up on the Drabblecast today. Go have a listen!
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I'm creating a filter for the stories I've been writing lately. Part of this is so that only the people who really want to read them have to bother seeing the posts. I also want to be able to post them without the risk of them being considered "published" for being on a publicly accessible web page.

If you want to be included, leave a comment.
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On a lark, I decided to submit the story I wrote back in June to Drabblecast, a sci-fi flash fiction podcast I'd heard plugged on Escape Pod. I didn't really think it would get accepted, but I figured there was no harm in sending it. To my surprise, they offered me cash money to put it on the podcast!
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As much as I like the idea of writing, I'm really not very good at it. Often, I get bogged down in the world building process. I'm no good at writing in the real world, since I haven't really had any good first hand experience of any of the interesting bits. That leaves me with either trying to build a functional quasi-historical fantasy setting or a plausible futuristic sci-fi setting. Today I'm puttering with the latter.

Crunchy Bits (warning: long) )


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