May. 4th, 2011 05:43 am
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Ever since I first went to China and saw the gangs of little old ladies doing tai chi outside in the mornings, I've wanted to learn to do it myself. Living out in the boonies, there's not much in the way of classes available to me, so I'd been despairing of ever getting around to it. A couple weeks ago I decided to go ahead and try to do it myself. I got the Kindle version of this book, and later found this YouTube video to use as a reference. I decided to learn the Communist Party-approved Yang 24 Form because it's relatively easy to find resources for it.

Trying to learn tai chi out of a book is generally not recommended. However, it turns out it's very much like learning Renaissance dance out of a manual (except easier because it's in English with pictures and descriptions), so the process seemed pretty familiar. Finding a good video that matched the style in the book helped me figure out some of the intermediate movements and positions that I just wasn't getting from the text and still pictures. I was a little surprised (but pleased) when I found that I could actually break a sweat doing tai chi, so it feels like I'm actually doing something. Last night I finally got all the way through the form for the first time, though the end bits are still quite rough. I'm hoping that having something I can do literally two steps away from the computer will mean I will actually exercise more. Those little old ladies got old somehow, right?


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