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My goal was to not invest a lot of time and effort in the minis I got for gaming with the girl, but I couldn't stand to let them be ugly (well, uglier than orcs are by nature).

Pictures )

I am definitely a fan of the magic dip now. Hopefully it will do a good job protecting the paint.
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My main gripe about gaming with a 6 year old is that she likes to play with the minis a bit more than makes me comfortable. The "tink tink" of lovingly painted metal banging together sets my teeth on edge (though, to be fair, she was being pretty gentle). To rectify this, I decided to paint up some new minis just for our games. blah blah blah... )
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I started this sculpt of Bernadette at the same time as the previous one. I wasn't sure if I was going to finish it, but it turned out okay. I like the pose much better than the last one.
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This past weekend I was flipping through the internet and stumbled across the web comic Flipside. After reading through all the archives, I was inspired to get out the putty and sculpt a miniature from scratch again, based on Maytag, the jester.
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Okay, I think I've gotten this out of my system for a while. I need to quit using spray primer; it's making the surface all fuzzy.


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