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A recent LJ discussion about the nature and perception of PLQ's (aka "Peer-like qualities") got me thinking about the nature of the Laurel. My rambling is behind the cut for your convenience. Everything contained herein is, of course, my own opinion and should be taken with whatever salt you deem necessary.

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Magna Faire

Dec. 6th, 2009 04:05 pm
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So we went to Magna Faire this weekend, and it was big fun. Camp Grandma wasn't available this time, so we ended up taking the boy with us For a 2-year-old, he was very well behaved, though he was still a handful.

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I went to bed early last night (before 8:00), and for some reason woke up at 1:30. I tried to go back to sleep but my brain was on and would not shut off. One of the things it was thinking about was the Laurel "medallion" I wanted to make for Magna Faire. I plan to wear the current iteration of my Brueghel peasant outfit, so neither the big blingy medallion or the tiny pendant with the drop pearl were really appropriate. Instead, I decided to make a simple cloth patch to pin/sew to my hat or coat. This would involve embroidery, which I haven't done in so long that I honestly can't remember. I only know a few stitches, so I used the ones that I thought were the most fun. The stems of the wreath are chain stitch, and the rest is all split stitch (except for a couple of leaves where I was experimenting). The wreath is 3 strands of cotton DMC floss, and the monogram is 6. I lined the back side and top stitched the edge with linen thread. The whole thing is about 2" in diameter. It was kind of fun, but I still don't see any big needlework projects in my future.
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Flannait posted her excellent pictures from MGT here. I grabbed the pictures of my elevation and put them over here. There are also some pictures with proof that I own armor!
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I was given several gifts by my friends as I contemplated my pending elevation: a pile of black velvet, a 13th century Venetian grosso, and several other fine things, but the one that stood out among them was a hand bound book made by the lovely Margavati (aka [ profile] happygoth). Those of you who have been here for a while may remember my forays into book binding, so I know how much work went into this piece (which is far nicer than anything I've made, to be sure). There are more pictures and construction details on her blog.

I now know how everyone else felt when I presented them with a blank book and asked them to fill it. I'm not entirely sure what I should put on these pages. The first few pages contain well wishes from people who came to the vigil. I think I'll use the next section to document the next few revels that I run. After that, who knows?
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We all managed to survive the weekend. It involved complicated plans and a cast of thousands, as well as divine intervention and improvisation.

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So what sewing have I been up to lately? The only thing really on my plate right now is making my parents' new clothes. I'd finished most of the pieces by yesterday afternoon, minus Mom's skirt, attaching sleeves to bodies, and the buttonholes and eyelets on the doublet. I ended up on the north end of town for a play date, so I dropped by to do a final fitting and get a length for the skirt.

Mom's bodice needed taking in by a few inches in back (I'd assumed the problem would be in the front; glad I checked) and Dad's collar needed a new angle. The alterations are pinned and I should get them taken care of today. I guesstimated the size for Dad's sleeves, based on how baggy my doublet sleeves look on him. I think I got it about right, as long as I put him in a thin enough shirt. I'll probably have to take a pair of my old hose up and tweak them to get them to fit just right, but I'm not going to make all new ones.

I've been thinking about how best to do the alterations. I'll see if I can get a decent set of pictures to illustrate the process. Someone might be interested, you never know. :)
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My lovely wife [ profile] adelavanbrugge has offered to create my Laurel scroll. She's started prep work for it, and I convinced her to post about it. It's kind of strange to watch my own scroll get made, but also fun. :)
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We just got back from RUM, where I was invited to join the Order of the Laurel. The actual elevation will be at some as-yet-undetermined event in the (hopefully) near future. Stay tuned for more details.


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