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A few notes on the recent gaming sessions, for those who might be interested but mostly for my records:

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So this morning D inquired about playing D&D again (though she referred to it as "the game with the little clay people on the grid"). After some waffling, I ended up going to town to finally shell out for the 4th edition books. It's not the game I grew up on, but considering the amount of time I actually foresee having to play, a more streamlined, casual game is really more of what I need. I managed to con [ profile] adelavanbrugge into playing with us, and I was impressed by how capable even 1st level characters are in this version. They still almost died in both their encounters, but that's just how it is at 1st level, especially when you only have two people in your party. We'll see how things progress from here.
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On Saturday, I had leftover filling from the char siu bao, so I made won ton soup. The won ton wrappers were basically just egg noodle, so I recruited D to help me make them. She cranked the pasta maker and helped me seal up the won tons. She didn't eat any, of course, aside from a piece of raw noodle dough.
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berry flavored applesauce + plastic hammer = toddler serial killer

Math Girl

Mar. 28th, 2009 03:20 pm
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Just got back from taking D to her first math competition. It was huge! She ended up somewhere in the top 20 out of several hundred first graders, and seemed to have a lot of fun.
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I ran D through the entirety of "A Dark and Stormy Knight" last night, with great success.

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I've had a very productive day so far, despite being a war widow(er) for the next week. Laundry is almost completely caught up, dishes likewise, the living room has been picked up and vacuumed, and the new TV computer has been installed and is running fine.

I have also fulfilled the dream of many a geek parent: I had a satisfying D&D session with one of my children.

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The girl wanted to do a sewing project, so I went with a variation on my first one. We made a pillow for the new stuffed animal she got for Christmas. I showed her how everything worked, and she did most of the pinning, machine sewing, stuffing, and hand stitching the opening shut. I had to do some of the trickier bits of turning it, but she did very well for her first time using a sewing machine.
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We went and got family pictures taken today. I posted a few of the good pictures of the kids:
From Delia & Isaac
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I have a crafty girl. Sure, it's just beads on a string, but everybody starts somewhere.

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I've finally updated the photo galleries for the kids:

Both Together
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The girl has needed a new dress for quite a while, so I finally got around to making one. It still needs a few hooks in the front, but all the heavy lifting is done. I also need to make some sort of head covering, and maybe a petticoat and/or apron.


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