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I had a very good weekend. Midwinter A&S went well as far as I know; I had a great time, but I'm easy to please. There were a lot of good and inspiring entries. I had a bit of a personal challenge trying to judge an 11th century Angle-Saxon tunic that I knew next to nothing about, but between my fellow judges and the documentation I hope I managed to put together some useful feedback.[ profile] adelavanbrugge scored well with both of her C&I entries, and got some good comments. She's already plotting her next project, which should surprise no one.

This was also the field test of the Bronzino suit, which performed reasonably well. I cobbled together a pair of sewn-in netherstockings from an old pair of 15c linen hose. They worked fine standing up, but when I tried to sit down (a precarious adventure at the best of times in this kind of suit) half the stitches blew out on one side, as you can see here. I think that a new or refurbished pair of stockings will make this a good suit for being flashy in, but the old grey linen suit (which I switched into in the afternoon) is still my most comfortable.

Royal court was brief but filled with good things, not the least of which was Mistress Temair's well-deserved elevation to the Laurel. Baronial court was in the afternoon and was quite entertaining. I got to do several scrolls for this court, including the A&S tourney champion scroll, a pair of matching baronial Tower awards for Arnora and Cynwrig, and Cynwrig's Baronial Jeweler scroll. One piece of court business that I did not have prior knowledge of was [ profile] serafinalamanni 's selection as baronial A&S champion, which was a happy surprise for all. Court was followed by an amazing feast cooked by our own George Ploppy, and a bit of dancing before people started packing up.

On Sunday I dusted off my armor and went to the amazingly well-attended baronial fighter practice. I think I managed not to embarrass myself too badly. I didn't sustain any serious injuries, but my entire body is stiff and sore today; my hands are so stiff it's difficult to type. It was a good time, though, and I wish there were a fighter practice that was within a reasonable distance from home. I may have to make some more inquiries in that direction...
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One sheet of Pergamenata: $1.50
11" x 14" picture frame: $5.00
Making Mom cry at Christmas: priceless
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This past weekend at Black Gryphon I got to help announce [ profile] rosemoundeofm's Augmentation of Arms. [ profile] adelavanbrugge did the scroll and had me paint the miniature, which is how I knew about it ahead of time. I wrote a poem for the occasion just in case TRM wanted to use it in court, and so it went:

Poem Text )
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So at Pennsic this year I took a class on gilding over at the Guild Mirandola merchant booth, and it was lots of fun. I got to play with gold and learn about various different adhesive substances (aka "sizes") used to stick it to paper or parchment. Some of them were not the sort of thing you'd have lying around the house (fish glue, gum ammoniac), while others could be made from things you could find at any grocery store.

Glair )

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My lovely wife [ profile] adelavanbrugge has offered to create my Laurel scroll. She's started prep work for it, and I convinced her to post about it. It's kind of strange to watch my own scroll get made, but also fun. :)


Aug. 9th, 2009 06:30 am
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I wanted to celebrate the fact that there would be two reigning queens at Pennsic this year with an interest in dance (Eridani of Trimaris and Judith of Drachenwald), so I decided to emulate Caroso's practice of writing sonnets dedicated to women of high station. I laid them out as two facing manuscript pages, written in a humanist hand with a relatively simple illuminated initial. I presented them at HRM Eridani's River of Stars ball on Monday evening.

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[ profile] adelavanbrugge received a request a couple weeks ago for a scroll for Kingdom Arts & Sciences (which was this weekend). Rather than try to find someone else to complete it on such short notice, we decided to take care of it in-house. To keep the layout simple, I suggested we base it on this page from Poggio Bracciolini's Orationes in Laurentium Vallam (c. 1485). It's a relatively simple example of Italian white vinestem that doesn't require a full page border, but is still attractive. I laid out the design in pencil, then transfered it via light box to a sheet of Pregamenata. I made two mistakes when inking the design: 1) the pen I chose was actually a very narrow oblique rather than a crow quill, so the lines came out a bit wide, and 2) the ink I randomly chose from what was already set up was Higgins Black Magic, which, as it turns out, gold is very happy to stick to.

Once I got the initial inked, I turned it over to [ profile] adelavanbrugge for text and gilding. This is a relatively new hand for her, but I think it turned out very well. It's a very modern looking hand, which is not surprising as it's the basis for a large number of modern typefaces.

After the gold was applied, I got the scroll back to do a quick paint job. This style is very paint-by-numbers, so I just kept alternating red-green-blue until everything was filled in and then put little trios of white dots everywhere they would fit. The example I was working from appears to have left the vines themselves unpainted, without even any shading that I can see, so that made things go a lot faster. I also went back and re-inked the places where the gold had stuck to the lines with a technical pen.


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