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I've started playing a Song of Blades and Heroes campaign with my daughter (D). The rules are cheap, simple, and allow me to make use of my existing stockpile of miniatures. After a couple of test runs, I got the extended campaign rules (Song of Deeds and Glory) and we started our first proper campaign.

Orcs vs. Misfits )

And so we leave the story, until the next battle.
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A few notes on the recent gaming sessions, for those who might be interested but mostly for my records:

Blow By Blow Recap )
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So this morning D inquired about playing D&D again (though she referred to it as "the game with the little clay people on the grid"). After some waffling, I ended up going to town to finally shell out for the 4th edition books. It's not the game I grew up on, but considering the amount of time I actually foresee having to play, a more streamlined, casual game is really more of what I need. I managed to con [ profile] adelavanbrugge into playing with us, and I was impressed by how capable even 1st level characters are in this version. They still almost died in both their encounters, but that's just how it is at 1st level, especially when you only have two people in your party. We'll see how things progress from here.
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My goal was to not invest a lot of time and effort in the minis I got for gaming with the girl, but I couldn't stand to let them be ugly (well, uglier than orcs are by nature).

Pictures )

I am definitely a fan of the magic dip now. Hopefully it will do a good job protecting the paint.
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I ran D through the entirety of "A Dark and Stormy Knight" last night, with great success.

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My main gripe about gaming with a 6 year old is that she likes to play with the minis a bit more than makes me comfortable. The "tink tink" of lovingly painted metal banging together sets my teeth on edge (though, to be fair, she was being pretty gentle). To rectify this, I decided to paint up some new minis just for our games. blah blah blah... )
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I've had a very productive day so far, despite being a war widow(er) for the next week. Laundry is almost completely caught up, dishes likewise, the living room has been picked up and vacuumed, and the new TV computer has been installed and is running fine.

I have also fulfilled the dream of many a geek parent: I had a satisfying D&D session with one of my children.

Daughters & Dice )
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Okay, I think I've gotten this out of my system for a while. I need to quit using spray primer; it's making the surface all fuzzy.


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