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After putting the whole costume on, I wanted to make sure that I would be able to wear it without the robe. This meant covering up the ugly rear buckle of the belt. I had to cover about 12" of ugly, since the original narrow belt was somewhat lacking in length. It took me a while to figure out what would be both effective and attractive for this purpose. Finally I remembered that our old toaster oven had died a horrible stinky death a while back, and it had been sitting out on the back porch since. I harvested the stainless steel shell, cleaned it up, cut it down, and applied hammers and duct tape until it became what I needed. I think the final product is perfectly acceptable. More pictures follow:
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From Dragon*Con Costumes

I've got my Jedi costume pretty much complete at this point. I still need to rig up something to cover the buckle at the back of the belt so I can wear it without the robe. Just the fabric parts of this weigh in at about 9 lb. total, and it's a lot of layers. I've been training for wearing too much clothing for many years, but it's better to have the option to strip down a layer if I need to. Hopefully I'll be able to get a better full length picture than this, but it was the best I could do late at night with a tripod and timer. A lot of the internal seams are unfinished, but I figure I can get around to those later if I really want to.
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Now that the lightsaber is finished, I needed a belt to hang it from. After looking at the various examples (both movie and fan-made), I came up with a variation that I could make from what I had lying around. Everything in this part of the project came from my stash.
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This year I will be going to my very first Dragon*Con, and I feel compelled to go in costume. I should be able to get plenty of mileage out of SCA clothes, but I figured I should do at least one non-historical costume. Given the time I have available and what I would look plausible in, I decided on a generic Jedi costume. I have yet to start on any of the actual clothes, but I have now put together the essential accessory: a lightsaber.

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