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Another war has come and gone, and everyone has survived once more.

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Girdle Book

Aug. 5th, 2006 01:03 am
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Now that I'm no longer frantically sewing things I need, I've turned my hand to frivolous accessories. I decided that I wanted something to take notes in while I'm at the war, so I decided to make a girdle book. A quick search turned up a couple of reproductions, both made as slipcovers, as well as some good reference images.

I decided to make mine as a slipcover as well, so I could just swap it out when I filled up the book. I picked up a pack of mini notebooks at the office supply store and used those as the basis for my measurements. I also got some solid graphite pencils to use as relatively unobtrusive writing implements. I made the covers out of 1/8" hardboard, which was cheap, rigid, and easy to work with. The cover is made of suede reclaimed from a discarded jacket I've been canniballizing for a while. I made a couple of envelopes out of heavy paper to serve as pockets inside the covers to hold the covers of the notebook. These were put together with white glue and attached to the covers with spray adhesive. The clasp is made of 22 ga mild steel and some nails. The latch on the clasp is simply a flat strip that is bent on the end. It is held by the pressure of the pages inside. The end of the cover is tied with a simple knot to keep it from sliding out of the belt.

Clasp (closed)
Clasp (open)
Open book
Without notebook
Notebook and pencil


Mar. 27th, 2006 10:19 pm
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* Gulf Wars was a whole lot of fun. A sufficiency of dancing and socializing was had.

* Book count: 22 distributed, 2 unassigned

* I danced both pairs of shoes to pieces at the war, so I finally broke down and bought some from Revival. I'll probably have to alter the straps on my pattens to fit them, but that should be easy enough.

* Finished the red silk gamurra for the wife. I'm in the middle of making her a Persian outfit from my new fabric stash. Need to make something similar for the little one as well.

* Working on notes and handouts for a couple of classes I plan to teach at our event in April. The first class I've had in mind for quite a while (men's 15th century Italian clothing), and once I get some more pictures together for the handout I should be good to go on that one. The other class is "How to dress (and undress) a late period lady". It's a useful skill that I think everyone should have. I plan to cover lacing techniques, ideal silhouettes, "fluffing", and chemise edge management. Any other topics that you ladies out there think I should touch on?
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I've been working on things, trying to shift gears from one project to the next.

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It's been a while since my last update, and I've been busy. Part of me always wants to keep my projects secret and unveil them fully formed, but this is really more of a long term thing, so I don't feel too bad about letting the cat out of the bag.

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Dec. 5th, 2005 09:50 pm
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Since I'm not in the mood to sew right now, I decided to use my new book to document my contruction techniques. It's a frivolous little exercise, and I blame all the da Vinci shows I watched on the History Channel the other night for the idea. Mostly, I just needed something to put in the book so it could have a purpose. I'm trying to keep it in a semi-period style, without references to anything modern. I'm writing with a dip pen, which is a wonderful tactile experience. After looking at the handwriting of da Vinci and Thomas More, I'm not terribly concerned with my penmanship outside of basic legibility. So far I've managed to take up three pages with a description of constructing a doublet. I'll follow that up with hose, giornea, and cioppa, then maybe some hats and other accessories until I run out of room.
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A couple new entries in the sewing journal, a silly hat and a book. There's just something satisfying about the feel of a leather bound book in your hand. I finished the other doublet as well, but I didn't wear it this weeknd so I don't have any pictures of it. I think I've hit a bit of sewing burnout at this point. We'll see if I get inspired again.


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