May. 10th, 2013

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I saw some paintings this morning that I hadn’t run across before. A few interesting bits stood out to me. First were two paintings of the Feast of St. George by Pieter Balten.

Picture 1

Here we can see a vigorous line dance being led from one end, without couples (though genders seem to alternate until they run out of men). On the left are two other dancers executing what appears to be an under-the-arm turn.

Picture 2

Here is another instance of a woman turning under the arm of a man.

Picture 4

This is a very clear depiction of a play being performed, with a curtained off backstage area.

Maerten van Cleve’s Parable of the Blind shows a good angle on a codpiece (martingale?).

Picture 3

This Lucas Gassel landscape has a nice layout of a tennis court:

Picture 5

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