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In the movies, there are usually a few places where people have managed to survive the initial onslaught. Let's look at these.

First, we have the military base/science lab. This is a fortified compound that can keep the hordes out without really having to try too hard, but they don't really want to let you in because they have finite resources. Are you a soldier or a scientist? If not, get lost. Sure, sometimes they might help you out, but most of the time they are jerks. Even though they aren't in any real danger themselves, they never have a solution for the bigger problem. Who are these guys? They are the 1%, and we are not them.

Next we have the hermits. They live far from civilization, and the zombie apocalypse has barely affected them. They are self sufficient, and though their lifestyle may not be as fancy as the world before the hordes came, they're really not that worried about it. These guys aren't even really a metaphor. It doesn't matter if the fears are given flesh or not; they have separated themselves so far from the rest of the world that they don't care. If you want to come live with them, cool. Hope you like farming.

And then we have the survivors, the rebuilders. They've holed up in a hospital or an old school, banding together in the ruins of civilization to try to make a stand. They're afraid, but hopeful. They've recreated society on a human scale, where everything happens face to face and you know who you can count on through personal experience. These are the peer lenders, the Kickstarters, the Occupiers. Their barricades may not hold, but they're trying to find a way to survive together, rather than going it alone.

Nice metaphor

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brilliant! You need to write a doctorial thesis on this topic.


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